Poor Life Choices

Jan 12


Thanks for watching this blog slowly bleed to death. I’m done.

I’m sad that PLC doesn’t post very much anymore. And that the Flea Market is gone. AND that Cooking Under the Influence never really took off. Even Pass Out Party was cool. PLC helped me enjoy the first few years I lived in Seattle and I’ve even seen friends featured here. I’m salty that I missed the Joose Party and the chance to buy one of the Goods snapbacks. I miss Poor Life Choices. Just sayin.

Jul 23

too much.

too much.

Jul 21

What’s inside?

What’s inside?

Jul 18

Drugs for yer butt.

Drugs for yer butt.

Jul 13

trash treats

trash treats

Jun 24

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Jun 05

Pro Life ChoicesPro Life Choices

(Source: cameos, via iv--league)

May 29

Sweet Jesus - Red Bull really does give you wings

May 09

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